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"He s also the spel chequer, St. Francis of Assisi, John Malkovich, the Last Samurai, a voice actor for Mickey Mouse, the Lord of all horses, Mr. Men, the first leaser of advertising space, and, a man of Hoy. Believe it or not it is also said that Oscar Wilde owns Sean Connery's hair piece from the James Bond movies. The so called hairpiece is located in a Scottish mansion in a 5 foot thick armored room surrounded by at least 2 dark lords of the Sith. The room is considered largely impenetrable, armed with security measures used only in the most secret military bases. Within the room is an automated laser targeting module and a large Nintendo controller with the sole purpose of distracting young children.

In addition to these many achievements, he is also the inventor of baking soda, night storage heaters, liquids, and bondage gear. An avid hippo hunter, Oscar Wilde is a stylish man-about-town, occasional car mechanic, Chinese satay and hibachi chef, talented underwater basket-weaver, goalkeeper for Angeren 6, sometime snubber, part-time superhero, holder of the patent on earphones, keeper of the wickets for the Grand Knights of Australia, Eurovision winner, and the Champion of Hyrule. However, he is best known for being the record-holder of Saying Bugger off, tic-tac-toe grandmaster, older brother of Optimus Wilde, a fan of excessive lists of his own achievements, and the greatest man ever to live. Another achievement of his was being shot by Tupac with little or no injury, apart from the loss of his 4th liver. He is also known to be the only man to go over Niagara Falls with only a pair of water wings and lived to tell about it. He has more web-links to him than anyone else on Earth. Also, Oscar Wilde is the member of every band in the known universe, except Gogol Bordello. He was kicked from Gogol Bordello, for which he played the Theremin on their first two albums for goat abuse problems. He was also expelled from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, where he was sent as an emissary of Harvard, on charge of copying quotes. Later on in 2001, on the directions of Osama Bin Laden, the then director of IIMA, he was awarded honorary doctorate degree. In fact, he has also been president emeritus of the institute since then, but his presence has been elusive.

More recently, he has been elevated to the status of Rastafarian saint and Greek demigod, which has been confirmed by the Abrahamic God ("Yeah, Ole Wild-E sure knows how to convince a guy through freestyle battle rap, bee-otch." -God) He was also the Founder, Secretary, and Chief Editor of the Uncyclopedia and Master of the Hallowed Book. He gave birth to Pithy Saying Man, and Cecil. He is the sworn enemy of Billy Mays. John Walsh is rumored to know Wilde's current location, although he refuses to answer any questions.

Also, despite being his Real Father... Oscar Wilde denies knowing The Master of Love."

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alt for mange ett-ords artikler. det er gøy å hamre tilfeldig på tastaturet, og skrive tilfeldige ord og lagre dem som artikler, men sammenlignet med andre språk er norske ikkepedia bare et lamt forsøk på å virke morsom. folk KAN bedre, beviset finnes i alle språk utenom norsk :HIMLE HARDT:

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