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Norwegian Uncyclopedia?[endre]

Please read en:Uncyclopedia:Multilingual coordination#Norwegian, give your contribution to the discussion there, saying also whether your site is in Norwegian, or in Bokmål, or in Nynorsk.

Laurusnobilis 23. jul 2007 kl. 14:54 (UTC)

Lag ein wiki!!!![endre]



Æ har ein ide'! it's time for one in nynorsk, or what? What if we do this bokmål&riksmål to nynorsk&riksmål? What?

ikkjepedia.wikia.com and ikkjepedia.org[endre]

Dear all, we are the admins from zh.uncyclopedia.wikia.com. We'd like to ask what are the differences between these two sites, and is it OK to link interwiki no: to here and nn: to ikkjepedia.org? --Leeyc0 7. november 2009 kl. 14:34 (UTC) ¨

Hello. In Norway there are two sorts of Norwegian language. We got "nynorsk" and "bokmål". This site is written in "nynorsk", while the .org site is written in bokmål. I guess it's all right to put up a link. --Origo 7. november 2009 kl. 15:39 (UTC)

Hi .zh! Your interwiki no: and nb: should link til ikkepedia.org (not ikkjepedia.org which is a new, inactive nynorsk uncyclopedia). --Jaff 7. november 2009 kl. 18:57 (UTC)