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Hello. I'm sorry to have to reply in English.
It was a shame to see that you have moved on; were there problems here on Wikia? Is there anything we can do to help? There are many advantages in staying at Wikia, and with almost all of the Uncyclopedia family here, there is more possibility for cooperation and growth. The German version is moving to us now, and the Finnish version seems to be having severe server problems, so it may be that you are the only wiki in this group to be outside of Wikia.
On the front page edit: I reverted you because we prefer that other wikis are not advertised on Wikia. Even though you have left, that does not mean that there will not be a wiki here on this subject. The site is still open, and available for someone else to take over if they wish. The interlanguage links on Uncyclopedia and the other Wikia version will go to this site, and maybe that will encourage a Norwegian speaker to start adding content here. We shall see how this goes.
Please let me know if you reconsider your move and would like to stay with Wikia. Hopefully we can help to make that a possibility -- sannse (talk) 12. mai 2006 kl.14:45 (UTC) (Wikia Community Team)

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